Chaga Mushroom Powder

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Chaga Powder is the greatest way to completely extract all the beneficial components from the Chaga Mushroom. It is the finest grind we have available, and can be used in most coffee makers. We make ours Turkish style, directions for this method are given below. Chaga Powder is the best style of Chaga for anyone that does not like the idea of reboiling Chaga as it is often 'spent' after the first brew if done correctly.


Directions: Add 1-2 spoonfuls for each cup of water to a pot of boiling water, let boil for a few minutes. Let Chaga sit for a little while for the Chaga Powder to settle. Pour off the tea, through a strainer if desired, and add milk, cream and sweeteners as desired and enjoy.

Natures Remedy, Ancient Medicine.

Many studies and reports are available from around the world speaking of the wonders of the miraculous Chaga Mushroom. Chaga has been used since ancient times as a homemade remedy for a variety of many different ailments. Calling Wild Chaga Mushrooms a superfood doesn't even do it justice. We have a lot of business from repeat customers who say that chaga works. It gives them more energy and has them looking and feeling younger.

High in Super Anti-Oxidants.

huge wild chagaChaga tea is used around the world for its amazing benefits. It is very high in Super Anti-Oxidants and other compounds that help protect and fight the effects of ageing. Chaga gives you more energy and makes you look and feel younger. Chaga is one of the highest rated foods on the ORAC scale, a standard method of testing antioxidant value.

Delicious, Caffeine Free.

It's Luxury, In Every Sip.

Indulge in the luxurious taste of Wild Chaga Tea. A slightly twisted sweetness with a fresh flavor reminiscent of maple syrup. Chaga is quick and easy to make, caffeine free and delicious. Though it is a mushroom it does not taste like one. Many describe the flavor as similar to maple syrup with a unique slightly sweet flavor. Chaga Tea is a relaxing beverage that is naturally 100% caffeine free, it is extremely high in antioxidants and provides a variety of micronutrients. 

Like coffee or tea, Chaga tastes great 'black' just the way it is, but many would prefer it with a splash of cream or milk, and a dab of sweetness from honey, maple syrup or sugar. Chaga has a very unique taste that is hard to describe. If you brew it to dark or strong it will become more bitter to the taste. Quick and easy recipes to pamper yourself with the perfect cup of Chaga tea is available on the products page for each style.

Chaga Close Up