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Deep in the wilderness of Maine's great northern mountains, high up near a wooded summit, in a pristine birch forest thriving in humid summer heat and icy winter snow grows the most beautiful Chaga Mushrooms. We don't stock pile our Chaga but leave it to grow here, on the mountain, until you order it. Our Chaga is always fresh picked to order, even in winter, and then thoroughly air dried, carefully packaged and sent all over the world. We always pick all the Chaga we sell ourselves, and we've been picking for over 20 years, this allows us to ensure the highest level of quality and customer service on every order. We also only harvest live, mature and healthy Wild Chaga Mushroom from healthy, white birch trees.

Chaga Love, Our Dedication

At CHAGA MAMA we consider it our responsibility to ensure that Chaga will continue to thrive in the woods we collect from. Chaga is a species prone to becoming compromised. We use conservative methods of harvesting always leaving enough Chaga for it to regrow, never clean picking an area, and leaving any young chaga, chaga found growing on unhealthy trees or above 6 feet high. We go beyond these methods which should be, at minimum, utilized by anyone picking Chaga.Amazing Chaga Mushroom

Leading Chaga Conservation.

Through significant love and devotion we inoculate three trees with Chaga Mushroom mycelium for every Chaga we pick, allowing for Chaga to spread naturally in an environment where it will be able to thrive. We do not harvest the mushrooms that we have inoculated, these are there to Wild Chaga Growingreplenish any area where we have foraged. A large part of our efforts go into ensuring Chaga will always have a strong foothold in Northern Maine and New Hampshire.

We go through such great efforts because Chaga needs it. Chaga is becoming harder to find in some areas due to over picking by amateur collectors. Chaga is not like other mushrooms, it almost never creates a fruiting body with spores, it is actually somewhat of a mystery as to how Chaga is even spread naturally.



 Chaga also grows exclusively on select species of birch trees, namely white birch, which are located in only extreme northern states. Furthermore Chaga is a slow grower, taking years to grow to a size suitable for harvest. All these factors put Chaga in a dangerous state and prone to becoming endangered or if care is not taken even extinct.

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