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   New Hampshire Family harvesters owned & operated since 1967  

           Organic &wildly picked  -  fresh to order - from tree to tea with love   

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Picked to order Chaga Mushroom. We always harvest conservatively and responsibly here at the Chaga mama. Always picked to order and sold direct, we offer the best price with the highest quality. More info.... 


Style (pieces, powder, etc..):

Our most popular
Dry extract

Our dry Chaga extract is double extracted, our process is done by hand to order it captures all the components of the Chaga Mushroom that is only soluble in alcohol, such as betulinic acid. The result is an amazingly powerful extract that is alcohol free, able to be stored for longer periods of time, and more practical then liquid extracts. Most importantly it has ALL the powers of the Chaga mushroom unlocked. The Dry Chaga Extract is our personal favorite, and has the most benefit.

 Amazing Chaga Extract begins with 

beautiful hand Picked Wild Chaga Mushrooms.

 To fully unlock the treasures to Chaga an alcohol and water extract must be combined this is because Chaga has many beneficial compounds and other components some of these are soluable in the usual water extraction method but some very important ones such as betulinic acid is only soluable in alcohol. We use an organic brand of grain liquor that is neutral in taste. 

Although we utilize alcohol to extract beneficial components from the Chaga our extract is 100% non-alcoholic, it is not simply a case of boiling off alcohol, this is dangerous and also ineffective due to the azeotrope relationship between ethanol and water, do not trust other extracts that claim to be non-alcoholic by boiling off there will always be some alcohol. We utilize a special, somewhat secret method to bring you a dual power extract with 100% no alcohol in the final product. 

Our Extract is amazingly strong, since we supply all the Chaga ourselves we are able to put much more raw mushrooms in for a lower price, some experienced folk we know say the amount of Chaga we put in our extract is 'absolutely ridiculous. Seriously its a wicked lot of chaga.'

We do not dry our mushrooms before making extract, it is always made fresh from the tree within hours of harvesting, the Chaga is very much still alive this eliminates the chance of oxidization and provide the absolute most delicious Chaga extract available, the mushrooms going into this extract are absolutely beautiful  

The Best Wild & Raw Chaga;
 The most beautiful wild Chaga mushrooms have been carefully selected for quality and freshness by our own highly experienced foragers from the pristine white birch forests on remote high mountain slopes of northern New Hampshire. We then carefully break the Chaga down into pieces to dry and then hand ground, and placed into the tea bags by hand. The whole process is done with care by hand, we always air dry in small batches, never heating the mushroom, to protect its active enzymes. Always picked to order and sold direct so you only get the freshest dry Chaga with the highest level of quality and at the greatest value. Read on about why to choose us at CHAGA MAMA's Benefits here (link opens in a new window)

Chaga is the King of Herbs; Chaga is beyond a superfood, it has many amazing benefits, for starts it provides the most and the strongest antioxidants , it is one of the oldest used medicinal mushrooms on earth, and is quickly being recognized by western medicine to be a very effective treatment for many types of ailments. Clinical studies have shown Chaga preparations to be comparable with chemo therapy, but without the side effects. Chaga has also been used to help people control their diabetes, HIV, hypertension, anxiety and depression. Chaga has been shown to be very effective for exzema and psoriasis. We made a page with more Chaga Benefits here, and click  here for Chaga General Info (links open in a new window)

 Chaga Foraged Responsibly; We are pioneers in Chaga conservation by inoculating suitable host trees with the Chaga mycelium, this in combination with our conservative harvesting practices gives us the unique opportunity to spread this amazing mushroom. Read More about the need for Chaga Conservation here and what we do to help at CHAGA MAMA's Part (links open in a new window)